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Mother’s day

It’s Mother’s day on Sunday (here in the UK anyway) so I’ve been busy making both my mum and Chris’s mum cards.

Here’s Chris’s mum’s card.


I haven’t done a tutorial for this but it’s based on a card I found on Pinterest from Lisa’s Creative Corner. This is the original card. I printed the circle and the words from the computer.

This is my mum’s card:


For this one I remembered to take pictures as I went along although it’s fairly self explanatory if you’re used to card making and sewing.

  1. Measure your card then, if you’re like me and aren’t great at free hand drawing, make a template for the card on the computer. I use power point but you can use any programme where you can draw a rectangle of the correct size and put word art in. I used BerlinSansFB for the letters. When you’ve printed the letters cut them out.



2. Iron some bondaweb to the back of you chosen faric and draw around your template letters.


3. Cut out the letters and lay to one side. Then measure a border around your card, I decided on a border 5mm from the edge of my card but it realy just depends on the size of your card and your letter.



4. Using your sewing machine sew along the lines. I used a green thread since it matched the colours in the fabric I was using.


5. Use a glue stick to glue your letter down. Then sew them on using your machine (the most importat thing when do this is don’t rush!)



6. I decided my card looked a bit plain so I decided to hand sew on some buttons. And the card was finished!01cfd6c9188207754f9d946e55096fe1c55d012567.jpg

Send me a picture of your mother’s day cards!

A Bee x


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